There have been several fraud attempts targeting IMCI, our clients or potential clients which have been structured around misusing the name of our Firm, our Partners or our Branding.

In 2017, we also have experienced a defamation and fraud attempt, through a so-called “scam warning site, under an anonymous posting. The editor was invited in January 2018 to join us in person at our costs at a partner and client meeting and to present any evidence of fraud or related to the accusations done. The editor did not follow this invite. More, we have been receiving distorting calls to pay money to retrieve this posting. This file as all other scam and fraud attempts is at the police.

We have received emails recently written in English and also in German requesting company information, business plans, and KYC information. These criminals are using emails with the initials of our company similar to the ones shown below

We have taken the necessary legal steps and notified the British authorities and Interpol and we will not hesitate to prosecute to the full extent of the law anyone we find involved in such activities. We urgently request you to follow the following protocol:

1) Please confirm all emails received and sent officially come from an account, ending in domain name e.g.

2) Never send any confidential or business information upon an email request, to a person, you do not know, have not seen, and is not identified as a member of IMCI.

3) Only authorized IMCI members (associates and partners) are allowed to present IMCI services to you.

4) In the aspect of Project Finance, IMCI will request you to forward us a pre-qualification file, along with having signed an NCNDA with one key and authorized officer. Never send any further KYC, money, or confidential information in advance. 

5) Request to always have a video call with a recognized and visible IMCI officer, before signing any legally binding information and or entering any funds transfer operation. 

6) Only IMCI Directors will sign any legally binding documentation.

7) IMCI Partners and Management Team members always sign with one of the Directors. Please check our brochure and website.

8) Invoices are sent from one of our Executive Directors and illustrate always a reference to an agreement or mandate.

9) Never send any funds in advance or make any upfront fees, without any legal basis and previous face-to-face meetings, and normal business correspondence.

If you are not sure – we recommend you to

- Request a confirmation by an official IMCI officer, eventually also a video call.
- Ask for a copy of the passport, ID, business card, KYC
- Ask always to have some correspondence with an official IMCI email account

And or contact and, providing us with any correspondence, documentation, proposal, invoice or relevant information.