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IMCI Consultancy is unique. A worldwide active consultancy organisation, with a local understanding of today’s business reality. Our people are C-Level experienced leaders and managers, operating today as business advisors, providing skills and experience across a wide range of industry sectors.

Making the difference


IMCI Consultancy

Our holistic approach

IMCI Consultancy offers support to clients in expanding their business worldwide, optimising issues and topics related to the IMCI’s advisory cycle, “PEOPLE, PROCESS, PERFORMANCE, PRODUCTS, PROFIT and GROWTH”. By adopting this approach, IMCI supports Leadership, Staff doing the Right Things Right, being Efficient and Productive and attaining measurable Results. Furthermore, IMCI develops the right product portfolio, with its Marketing strategy attaining the desirable Profit and Growth.

Think of IMCI Consultancy as your strategic partner – as focused on your company’s success as you are, and ready with the expert resources you need, wherever and whenever you need them. We are dedicated to working in partnership with you.

IMCI consultancy is a cohesive consultancy organisation of highly experienced, like-minded senior executives, based on each continent, and run by a board of managing partners with headquarters in London. Our worldwide services are provided through the regional hubs in APAC, Europe, LATAM, North America and Africa.

Our Consultancy Solutions are focused on helping clients deliver on must-have initiatives of cost reductions, revenue enhancement, turnaround, international expansion and organisational enablement. Our proven approach to delivering immediate value and our one-stop shop integrated services and results have exceeded client expectations across hundreds of successfully delivered projects.

IMCI Consultancy


Our delivery methodology includes assisting clients from Strategy Formulation to Successful Execution, setting governance and communication foundations up front and early to ensure the organisation is engaged and committed, and measuring the outcomes and results of each critical step.

Restructuring > Transformation / Change

We apply this methodology where organisational design is at question. The most common uses of the framework are:

  • To facilitate organisational change.
  • To help implement new strategy.
  • To identify how each area may change in the future.
  • To facilitate the merger of organisations


  1. Organisational alignment or performance improvement
  2. Understanding the core and most influential factors in an organisation’s strategy
  3. Determining how best to realign an organisation to a new strategy or other organisational design
  4. Examining the current workings and relations an organisation exhibits

Change Resistance / Programme Management

We also recognise the challenge of ‘resistance to change’ that our clients face, both internally and externally, with trading partners, suppliers and alliance members when embarking on cost reductions, revenue enhancement, turnaround, expansion, or transformation initiatives. This needs to be addressed directly in the programme plan and included as a crucial ‘people’ component of the programme management office’s responsibilities.

Expansion and Growth

We are delighted to support local and regional “champions” reaching the next level or league. This can be within a country, continent or globally.
The request is usually for financing, business intelligence, business development and management knowhow. It can be enlarged by M&A operations, searching for appropriate buy out candidates or strategic alliances. Finally, with appropriate financial support, IMCI Consultancy is able to create a tailored programme with clear milestones and expected outcomes.